Digital Media Fall Backs

Although digital media is a great way of integrating technology in the classroom, it does have some fall backs. First of all everything has to be cited if it is not your original work. Everything like ideas, pictures and links must be cited so you do not get accused of plagiarism. This may be more tedious and require extra time when presenting ideas to the classroom, but I feel it’s plausible and worth the time. There is such a thing as “fair use”, which pretty much means you may be able to use that information depending on certain factors. Some factors include the nature of the copyrighted work and the amount of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole.

When teaching the classroom, I will be sure that the students know what they can and cannot do. I will teach them the importance of of academic honesty and the required citations for published work. I will do all this by leading by example, that way the students see what is accepted and what is not when it comes to copyrighted work.


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